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Drug Treatment Centers Plano is a drug and alcohol rehabilitation facility built to help both the family and the addict. Addiction is a complicated issue for the user and the user’s family and close friends. The family sees the addict is spiraling out of control towards self-destruction and the addict becomes defensive or is in denial and doesn’t recognize the path of destruction he is causing. The professional staff at the Drug Treatment Center Plano is ready to help. You’ll receive encouragement and gentle guidance for your self-destructive behavior and for your family to understand what causes the addict’s behavior to alter when high or drunk. Drug Treatment Center Plano is your path to recovery. Addiction doesn’t have to consume your life and destroy your family. With the expertise of Plano Drug Treatment Centers you are taking an important first step. If you or someone you love can’t imagine sobriety or what life would be like without drugs or alcohol, call (972) 805-5950 to start a rehabilitation program right away.

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If you have any doubt, do any of these situations sound familiar:

  • Is the addict asking other people to call in sick for him so he doesn’t have to come up with another excuse for missing work?
  • Does the addict’s spouse or significant other clean up after the addict so no one will know they live with an addict or drunk?
  • Are family members secretly ashamed and don’t mention to anyone what their family life is like?
  • Are you abusing other people verbally, mentally or physically when you are high or when you are coming down from the drug use?
  • Are your children living in an unsafe environment?

Alcohol consumption and drug use play a material role in violent behaviors. Unfortunately having someone living in the home with a substance abuse problem from any type of drug brings complications and fits the mold of a perfect dysfunctional family. Call (972) 805-5950 to begin your recovery.

Drug Rehab and Drug Detox Centers Plano, TX for the Entire Family

There are several versions of the idea of family roles within a dysfunctional family. Each member in the family has traits labeling him or her with a title. Although this does not mean someone fills the role description perfectly but he will have a stronger inclination for a specific role within the family unit. For example:

  • The addict – is the user of drugs or alcohol.
  • The enabler – this is the person that covers for the addict when family events or holiday celebrations are missed.
  • The hero – this person takes charge because the addict is high; saving the day when the addict crashes a child’s birthday party drunk or high. In addition to making excuses for the addict, the hero will quickly improvise and turn the addict’s blunder into a positive, negating his foolish behavior.
  • Another member of the family is the lost child. This person remains in the background, doesn’t speak up and everyone else in the family often forgets he or she is even around.
  • The scapegoat is the trouble maker of the family. He may be an addict as well or just manages to be in the wrong place at the wrong time.
  • The mascot who is the joker of the family. He turns every bad scene into a comedy hour. He doesn’t express how he really feels by masking any pain with a joke.
  • For the addict and family members, the substance abuse dependence counselors from Drug Treatment Centers Plano, TX will assess your specific addiction and work with you to develop a recovery plan. An assessment is the first step. You may be involved in an intervention but instead of accusatory, the counselor will help your family change their words, but first you want to achieve abstinence. You have an addictive behavior and feel vulnerable. You’ve lied to your boss, your family and friends. You aren’t reliable and your mood swings have destroyed your relationship with your family and you are going to be angry with yourself. With guidance from the therapist of Drug Detox and Rehab Plano your family and you will be steered away from threatening or emotionally bribing you to stay clean, “if you love me, you’ll quit.” It isn’t that easy to quit. No one should hold their head down with a woes me martyr attitude. When asked why you took that first drink and continued drinking or tried drugs and used again and again, there are a variety of reasons. If any of these reasons ring true for you, don’t be afraid, call the experienced counselors at (972) 805-5950 for help:
    • Friends egg the person on to use, to fit in
    • Low self-esteem
    • Boredom
    • Problems with job
    • Parent is an addict or alcoholic- family history
    • Living in poverty
    • Unsettling home environment
    • Domestic violence
    • Lack of loving environment
    • Poor social skills
    • Financial problems
    • Legal problems
    • Loss of job
    • Marital problems
    • Health problems
    • Emotional problems

Drug addiction is preventative. Alcohol causes cirrhosis of the liver. Rehabilitation for any substance abuse will vary according to what the user needs. It doesn’t matter what the reason is for trying that first time, the reasons for continuing to use are discussed with one of the therapists of a Plano Drug Treatment Centers, TX.

What to Expect from Drug Treatment Centers Plano, TX

When you are ready to begin treatment for you or your spouse, you’ll find there are a variety of treatment options based on each person’s individual needs, call Plano Drug Treatment Centers at (972) 805-5950 to begin the recovery. The typical rehabilitation will include:

  • Clinical rehab
  • Mental heath
  • Social behaviors
  • Behavioral treatment
  • Teach you to be accountable
  • Learn how to control cravings
  • Learn to prevent a relapse
  • How you built up a tolerance

The addict will learn how to find other methods for relaxing and having an increased energy level without using drugs. If he needs to stay awake for a big project at work, he’ll learn alternatives to using stimulants. If the addict needs drugs to feel pleasure, he’ll learn other methods for enjoying life’s daily joys. If you want to quit, call (972) 805-5950 for help.

About Plano, TX

When you hear someone say Plano Texas you might stop and think they said, “Plain old Texas.” Plano has been the butt of this joke since this town in Collin County Texas was named back in the 1800s. Formally pronounced pleɪnoʊ, this subdued little town of 200,000 plus is situated in between the Dallas-Ft. Worth metroplex. Plano is headquarters for one of the largest and most popular movie theaters in the country, Cinemark, and also Frito Lay, Dr. Pepper, Dell, Gearbox, Pizza Hut and J C Penney call Plano home. The Plano school systems are ranked among the highest in the country and Plano is one of the wealthiest cities in the country as well. With the large number of businesses headquartered in Plano, there is an abundance of activities to choose from: starting with three types of parks: neighborhood, linear and community; public libraries, a couple of historic sites and plenty of golf courses and country clubs

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